Board Development

Board Development: Recruit, Train, Build Capacity

Recruit, Train, Build Capacity

Roles and Responsibilities                    

Boards of Directors form the essential core of nonprofit governance, yet board membership can be bewildering. It is often the case that individuals are asked (and agree) to serve on not-for-profit boards without a clear understanding of the organizational or legal expectations that accompany the position. Initial training and periodic refreshers are essential for effective board function.


Board Development Plan

Beyond knowledge of the basics, the work of a board benefits from consideration of a range of governance issues. As examples, some of these are board size and composition, recruitment and training plans, and creation of a self-evaluation plan.  Additionally, the process of identifying metrics for inclusion in an organizational “dashboard” is a good exercise for helping the board better understand what is important to the organization.  Outfitters4 can assist in each of these areas.