Executive Transition

Executive Transition: Transform Uncertainty into Opportunity

Transform Uncertainty into Opportunity

Whether it is planned over a period of months or it is a sudden change, the departure of an Executive Director/CEO (ED/CEO) is difficult for any organization. Decision-making and planning tend to stall; yet operations, fundraising, and programming must continue while recruiting a new ED/CEO. Staff, board, and even donors may become anxious or skeptical about the future of the organization, creating a climate of uncertainty.

The transition to new leadership actually presents an opportunity for self-assessment and real growth. Outfitters4 can provide leadership (including our Transition Leaders as alternatives to the traditional interim director approach), guidance, opportunity for reflection, and support for management functions that pave the way for the new ED/CEO. In particular, the mission clarification and organizational systems assessment work O4 conducts can make the organization more attractive to candidates for the position.