Leadership Evaluation Services

Leadership Evaluation Services: Painless, Cost-Effective Board and CEO Performance Reviews

Painless (relatively), Cost-Effective Board and CEO Performance Reviews.

Board of Directors

Assessment of Board function, conducted annually, is a good tool for ensuring effectiveness. Outfitters4 provides simple options for assessing both the Board as a whole and for assessing individual Board members based on self-selected criteria. O4 will guide your Board and help it establish goals for the Board as a whole and for individual Board members in categories they jointly establish. An automated online survey process means that evaluation becomes a dependable annual occurrence.


A Board responsibility critical to the health and effectiveness of the organization is support of the Chief Executive Officer. It is also one that the Board owes to its CEO. Yet Boards have a tendency to avoid reviews due to fear, uncertainty, or inertia. Outfitters4 can provide organizations and their CEO’s a template for establishing annual goals and conducting 360° evaluation surveys. The results of those surveys can then be used as the basis for the evaluation meeting.

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