Volunteer Systems

Volunteer Systems: Create a Volunteer Program

Create A Volunteer Program

Volunteers are the most highly leveraged resource available to nonprofits. Free workers, but they must be managed. Otherwise they will be counter-productive.

You know your organization needs them, but what’s the best way to set up a volunteer program and how best to ensure that their time – and yours – is used well? Whether you need to start a program or give a boost to an existing program, Outfitters4 will work with you to make the vision of volunteer involvement a reality in your organization.

Volunteer Program Development Outline

  • Program Mission (Why have it?)

  • Management System

    • Identify Internal Resources and Staff Responsibilities (Who will manage it and how?)

    • Articulate Volunteer Positions (Job Descriptions)

    • Develop Recruitment/Screening Processes

    • Design Training Process

    • Establish Evaluation/Reward System

  • Marketing Plan (Why volunteer with us? Whom do we target?)


Additional Reading: 

The Hidden Value of Volunteers by Abby Montclova.

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