Financial Management


Limited financial resources often leave non-profit organizations with inadequate staffing for fully supporting the financial needs of the organization. Outfitters4 has the financial staff and expertise to help your organization where you need it the most. Our financial services range from transactional to strategic and since you only pay for what you need, our solutions are cost-effective. 



Outfitters4 can meet your bookkeeping and financial reporting needs.

Keeping track of income and expenses is vital to any nonprofit. Appropriately using restricted funds (grants and donations) is legally required. Accurate and timely reports are essential for good decision-making. And none of these functions are directly related to fulfilling your mission. Make more time for your mission. Have experts handle these tasks.


For smaller agencies, where hiring a full time finance professional is not cost effective, partnering with Outfitters4 gives you the experience of working with an experienced finance professional for a reasonable price.
— Sarah Williamson, Executive Director, Forsyth Humane Society