Other Services

Outfitters4 offers a variety of other operational support services to help you focus on your organization’s mission. 


Communications Support

Outfitters4 can provide and support digital and hard copy communications.

Get support for marketing functions such as newsletter preparation and distribution, web site and social media content management, and publicity planning and execution. O4 can fulfill the entire function in these areas or support internal efforts as needed.


transition services

Outfitters4 can provide logistics and personnel assistance for short-term projects.

Change happens. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s surprising. It always takes adjustment. When those adjustments demand staff time (or replacement expertise) Outfitters4 can help. Whether moving offices, undergoing staff transition, changing accounting or database systems, O4 has the experience to support you through the process.



event management

Outfitters4 can assist with or assume planning and management.

The costs and complexity of planning events have nonprofit staff and boards alike turning to experts for help. Outfitters4 can help plan any event, from a conference to a formal gala to a public street festival. We will work within your budget and make sure things run smoothly from start to finish.

Have the time and resources to do your own planning? Outfitters4 can provide assistance with sponsorship solicitation, logistics, venue selection, budget, contracts, marketing, and ticket sales, as well as design and decor. We have established relationships with many vendors, saving you time and money on event necessities such as food, lighting, A/V, and printing.



volunteer management

Maximize volunteer effectiveness with Outfitters4’s help.

O4 can design and set up every aspect of your volunteer management program including volunteer position design and descriptions, a marketing plan for the program, policy and procedure materials, and program oversight and supervision. If you already have a volunteer program, O4 can assist in keeping the program on track by creating positive volunteer-staff relations, addressing conflict and daily management challenges and risk management.


shared staffing

Outfitters4 can provide the management assistance you need without making an in-house hire.

There is always need for additional staff before resources exist to support a full-time employee. Part-time positions usually attract inexperienced or under-experienced applicants, and part-timers are typically on the lookout for a full-time job. Shared staffing provides access to experience and expertise otherwise unavailable. Such support can include marketing, development, bookkeeping, accounting, administrative assistance, grant writing, data management, Spanish translation (documents and real-time conversation), and telephone reception.

And as an alternative, Outfitters4’s marketing, development, or upper level management staff can “backstop” and mentor younger, less experienced onsite personnel.



Outfitters4 can help you maximize leadership effectiveness.

  • Board Development: Recruit, Train, Build Capacity

  • CEO/Executive Director Support: Develop and Support through Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Evaluation Services: Board of Directors and CEO/Executive Director Performance Reviews

  • Executive Transition: Transform Uncertainty into Opportunity

  • Shared Executive: Let us support your new or part-time Executive Director.