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Outfitters4 offers a wide variety of short- and long-term operational support for nonprofits of any size, including financial, payroll, and HR management, among other services.

Our Operational Support Services provide a unique solution to some of the most common hardships faced by nonprofits. These services allow organizations to avoid hiring and training part-time and temporary employees when there is inconsistent need and/or insufficient funding. Outsourcing your needs to O4 also offers a viable, affordable alternative when you find it hard to justify having a full-time employee, or if an employee’s time would be better spent on higher level projects.

The O4 team ensures every project is completed on time and correctly. You get access to the expertise of many, rather than the knowledge of one. In addition, we guarantee a reliability and professionalism that is difficult to find in new hires or temporary staff.

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Outfitters4 is a great resource for the non-profit community in Winston-Salem and beyond. So many non-profits need back-office assistance, and Outfitters4 can provide that help.
— Nora Ferrell, Director of Communications, Kate B. Reynolds Foundation